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About Us

Everyone loves tubas and euphoniums, but these elaborate hunks of precious metal are expensive by nature. If a school arts program is underfunded, it makes financial sense that they are some of the first items to get cut, but we think it’s a shame that this prevents kids from having a fun experience. For too long in the city of Philadelphia, the supply of tubas and euphoniums has been low in both quantity and quality. Tubas For Good is out to change all of that.

We want kids from any background to have access to instruments they’d like to play, so we’re amassing a library of tubas and euphoniums for students to use for free. We know that playing a musical instrument is more fun and rewarding if it’s well made, so we’re partnering with Yamaha to get brand new, high quality horns. We’re also partnering with local organizations to make sure our students have instruction and performance opportunities.


The ultimate goal of TFG is to create a vibrant community of tuba and euphonium players in this city, and to spread the joy of a positive musical experience with as many people as possible. And who knows? Once we conquer Philadelphia, maybe our little organization can become the first chapter of many!

Meet The Team

Carol Jantsch

President and Founder

Kayla Delgado

Board Secretary and Marketing Chair

Darren Lynch

Board Member and School District Liaison

Jimmy Parker

Board Member

Our Mission

Our Mission

Tubas For Good aims to create fun and educational experiences through the vehicle of the tuba and its cousin the euphonium. Our non-profit organization provides high-quality instruments to underserved students, facilitates instruction and educational opportunities, and organizes community events.

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